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DPF Cleaning Service for Class 8 Trucks and Diesel Pick-Up Trucks helps extend the life of the DPF filter and other engine components. This process is required to remove unburned lube oil or ash that has accumulated in the DPF. The material that is removed from the DPF during cleaning is considered hazardous waste and therefore it must be handled and disposed of in a safe and controlled environment. Redneck Diesel Performance llc has the machinery, professionally trained staff, and processes in place to clean your filter and safely dispose of the ash. We service the entire DPF / DOC system for Class 8 trucks.

DPF Cleaning helps:

  • Reduce unscheduled downtime

  • Identify potential filter deficiencies

  • Increase service life

  • Result in longer filter life

  • Meet EPA Regulations / Compliance


In some cases the DPF / DOC will have to be replaced; we can provided you with a new DPF / DOC unit at a great price if needed.


Our trained technicians will visually inspect your filter for any obvious defects or damage.

We then weigh the filter, test and record the flow before cleaning, and then test it to make sure it is not exothermed, cracked, or damaged in a way that would allow contaminants to travel through the DPF filter.

Next we utilize our state of the art "Duel-Force" blasting cabinet to remove all loose buildup, soot or ash. This is the pneumatic cleaning stage of the process. All DPF filters have a different flow pattern or soot pattern because every running environment is different. Some trucks will see more ash or soot build up than others. This could be due to frequent stops, or a driving cycle that fails to allow for automatic regen. In some cases there could be a failure with a engine system and oil or coolant could drench the DPF filter requiring more attention to the "Gum Ball" area. DPF filters will be retested at this point to see if they meet the OEM Baseline for the DPF filter.

After re-testing and inspecting the DPF filter, if it does not meet the OEM stated specifications / base line flow, then we move into the baking or thermal DPF cleaning stage. DPF filters are baked due to buildup of wet soot, coolant, or unburned hydrocarbons. We use regenerative ovens that slowly ramp up to the correct temperatures (1100 degree)and then hold that temperature for a set amount of time, before the cool down phase. This controlled process is monitored by a trained technician in order to assure that there is no uncontrolled burn of the DPF filter.

After the baking stage of the DPF cleaning process, we take the filter back to the blasting cabinet to remove all of the loose baked ash and soot from the DPF filter. We then wipe down the casing and retest the filter to make sure it meets the OEM listed Flow Baseline rating.


 DPF Cleaning is a smart choice because it protects your investment, and increases the service life of your equipment. Save time & money by frequently cleaning and maintaining your DPF filter at Redneck Diesel Performance in Hutchins, TX.