tru-balance wheel centering products C-5000-GAA
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Tru-Balance for Aluminium wheels includes 1 set of 6 C-2341-GA ( Centers Brake Drum and Inner Wheel) Includes 1 set of 6 C-1611-AS ( Centers Outer Wheel)


TRU-BALANCE products were designed to center your wheel back to the wheel stud eliminating tire vibration and irregular tire wear, giving you the smoothest ride possible.


Tru-Balance External Centering Sleeves (stays on wheel stud)
External Centering Sleeves
For both steer and drive axles
Can be used on most trailers
Sleeves stay on wheel so perfect center is always maintained
Many sizes available to fit most wheels
6 sleeves in each set - centers one axle (3 sleeves per wheel)
  • Item #: C-5000-GAA

Drive Wheel & Brake Drum For Dual Wheels Only (C-5000-GAA)

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