Eaton RTLO18918B Micro Blue Transmission for sale
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Eaton Fuller RTLO 18718B Micro Blue Transmission for sale, ready to install.

We only use OEM rebuilt kits and replacement parts at Redneck Diesel Performance llc.
 Aftermarket kits and parts are not and will never be part of our program.

Mileage increases have ranged from 7/10ths to 1 mpg, performance and engine response 
has been stellar and oil samples have been coming back so clean that even Kevin Rutherford 
(in the beginning) was convinced the sample was a mistake!

Eaton Fuller Transmissions are know for their quaility and durability already, but with the
transmission Micro Blued, it will extend the working life of the transmission.

Redneck Diesel Performance is committed to providing the best quality parts and service
to keep your truck running better, and on the road longer. 

Stop by our shop in Hutchins, TX. just south of Dallas to find out more about our 
Micro Blued Transmissions.



  • Item #: MBRTLO18718B

Eaton Fuller RTLO 18718B - Micro Blue Transmission

Price: $8,250.00
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