clutch hd Lipe 2, Lipe commercial truck clutch
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Lipe Clutches are the highest torque rated clutches for class 8 trucks available in America.


Lipe is the Heavy Duty Truck Clutch tructed by The Ice Road Truckers!

The design of the "NEW LIPE" CLUTCH is such that the need for seven or nine spring disc is not required. The new LIPE CLUTCH being direct pressure, multi-lever design means they have more positive driver control, with lighter pedal effort than all OEM style clutches at comparable torque ratings.

At 2050ft. lbs. torque rating, Lipe 2 truck clutches are designed for heavy duty, medium horse power, and heavy duty performance.

Lipe 2 clutch are easy to install, and are built to last. Lipe clutches feature an unlimited mile 1year warranty.

  • Setco Automotive Lipe clutches eliminate wheel hop, and driveline chatter.
  • One man clutch adjustment
  • Driver controlled smooth operation
  • Direct pressure spring configuration
  • Perfect clutch for torque requirments 

Lipe Clutches are built for reliability and performance. Replace your old Eaton Clutch today with a new Lipe Clutch!

Redneck Diesel Performance is a factory direct authorized Lipe Clutch dealer. 


  • Item #: Lipe-2

Lipe 2 Heavy Duty Truck Clutch for Engines Under 600 HP

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