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 The design of the new Lipe Clutch is such that the need for seven or nine spring disc is not required. The new Lipe Clutch being direct pressure, multi-lever design means they have more positive driver control, with lighter pedal effort than all OEM style clutches at comparable torque ratings. In short the driver controls the clutch with less effort in all driving conditions.


Lipe-1 is the premier 15.5" cast iron clutch for extreme high torque, severe service applications. It has the highest torque rating provided to NORTH AMERICA coming in at 2400Ft. Lbs torque.

Lipe-2 is built to the same high quality standards as the Lipe-1 clutch, but is used for all Class 7 and Class 8 not exceeding the extra torque capacity. It is the ideal application for most fleets and units having lower torque requirements. The Lipe 2 clutch is rated at 2050Ft. Lbs torque.


The Lipe 1 clutch can be used to replace Eaton numbers, 109706-22, 108925-25, and all severe service, high torque, high horse power applications.


The Lipe 2 clutch Can be used to replace ALL Eaton Class 7 and Class 8 clutches (respecting torque requirments).

Redneck Diesel Performance llc. works on, builds, or rebuilds a lot of severe duty, high horsepower class 8 diesel engines, and Lipe clutches are the only choice for engines that put out 600+ horse power. 

We do keep a large inventory of Lipe Clutches, and Eaton Clutches so our customers have a choice in what they equip on their truck. So the next time you are looking for a high performance truck clutch for your rig, give us a call or stop by our shop to discuss the best options for you and your truck.

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