Rockwell 10 Speed Micro Blue Transmission
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 Micro Blue Rockwell 10 Speed Transmission 


Redneck Diesel Performance now has Rockwell 10 speed transmissions for sale!


Ready to install today! 


We understand that down time costs money, and that's why we have fully rebuilt and Micro Blued Rockwell 10 speed transmissions for sale at our shop in Hutchins, TX. 75141.


If you have been looking for a new 10 speed transmission, stop by and find out why you should upgrade to a Micro Blue Transmission.



Micro Blue is a permanent process that never wears out and never goes away!


Micro Blue is blasted onto the surface and uses no heat or binders. Other coatsing on the market rely on adhesion to coat parts, but Micro Blue uses a patented process that creates an atomic bond, which is impossible to chip, wear, peel, fade, or flake off.



  • Item #: MB-RMX10165A

Micro Blue Rockwell 10 Speed Transmission

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