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What It Is

MicroBlue® is a patented coating process that reduces friction and extends the life of every moving part it’s applied to. This includes any bearing type, all moving engine and drivetrain parts. The results are not subtle. 4/10th’s with wheel bearings alone. Twice that for differentials and transmissions. What does that mean to your bottom line?

How It Works

MicroBlue® literally changes the way lubricants work, the same way that soft water changes the way soap wets your skin. The coating dramatically increases lubricity, acting much like a lubrication magnet. As a result, when a lubricant comes in contact with MicroBlue, it changes the way it “wets” the surface, making it far more slippery.

Why It Lasts

MicroBlue® is literally blasted on the surface, and uses no heat or binders. Where other coatings use adhesion to stay on the surface, the MicroBlue process creates an atomic bond, which makes it impossible to chip, flake or peel.

That makes it a one-time permanent process that never wears out and never goes away!


At Redneck Diesel Performance we understand that when the time comes for an engine rebuild, a new transmission or differentials, it's going to take cash out of your pocket and some down time.

That's why here at Redneck Diesel Performance we make sure we keep most popular transmissions in stock for a faster turn around time. Just another way we save you time and money.

For a few extra dollars, you can add an upgrade that will cut those fuel costs and put cash back in your pocket. That's the MicroBlue® Payback Advantage!

Give Redneck Diesel Performance a call today or stop by to findout for yourself why nothing does more faster than a MicroBlue® bearing, drivetrain or engine upgrade!