new 16 ply drive tires
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Commercial - Semi Truck Tire Specials at Redneck Diesel Performance Dallas

Redneck Diesel Performance has commercial truck tires in stock for owner operators, small fleets or we can put together a tire discount program for large truck fleets.

We will customize a commercial truck tire program that fits your fleets tire needs and help you save money and stay within budget at the same time. We stocks a large inventory of 16 ply drive, steer, and trailer tires in Dallas, TX. and Hutchins, TX. just south of interstate 20.

New 16 ply Drive and Steer tires

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drive tire

Aeneas HS208

NEW Drive Tires

Position: Closed Shoulder Drive

Application: Regional trucks, freight trucks, transit, refuse trucks, pick–up and delivery trucks.

Description: Solid closed shoulder provides superior stability & resistance to irregular wear. Thick sidewall protector ribs for enhanced damage resistance against curbs, cuts and snags.


SizePlyLoad RangeStandard RimLoad IndexLoad Capacity Single/DualTread DepthSection Width MMDiameter MM
11R22.5 16 H 8.25 146/143 6613/6007 23 279 1050
295/75R22.5 16 H 9.00 146/143 6172/5676 23 298 1014
11R24.5 16 H 8.25 144/141 7165/6613 23 279 1104
285/75R24.5 16 H 8.25 144/141 6172/5676 23 283 1050

Call for Pricing and Availability 469-716-3606

Redneck Diesel looks forward to earning your truck tire business!

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NEW 16 PLY Drive Tires

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