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RoadKing Shocks are the best shocks made.

Designed and Built in the USA


Unlike OEM, aftermarket and light-duty shocks, which simply do not hold up over the long run because they were originally designed in the 1950's for passenger cars and pick-up trucks, RoadKing Shocks are designed specifically for Class 8 trucks. This means RoadKing Shocks are not only built to perform but to provide durability up to *500,000 miles in the toughest conditions.

(*Road and Weather conditions vary dramatically which greatly affects the life of the shock between rebuilds.)


RoadKing Shocks are hand assembled by the finest craftsmen America has to offer. Our quality control specifications are stringently tight, guaranteeing the finest ride controlbproducts in the world for Class 8 trucks.


Owner operators that run RoadKing Shocks experience the difference by getting the best ride and handling available and by saing big on the wear and tear of their Class 8 trucks, especially the tire and suspension.The overall upgrade owners enjoy equals unbeatable value.


RoadKing Shocks utilize a 2 5/16" bore mono tube design, which establishes the type of control necessary to completelystabilize your truck while providing the ultimate in safety for the occupants and the load, including accident avoidance.


Optimum stability, comfort and control can ONLY be achieved by large bore, high pressure gas, mono-tube shock absorbers. We at RoadKing have developed shocks that produce up to 4500 lbs of control on each wheel equaling up to 9,000 lbs of force per axle, which means up to 24,000 lbs over the entire truck, stabilizing and providing the optimum ride and comfort!


RoadKing Shocks are used throughout the toughest enviroments in the world. You will find our shocks on fleet rigs, independent owner-operator trucks, oil, gas, and mining industry trucks, and even on the rigs mining the tar sands in Canada. Wheather running goat trails for hundreds of miles delivering drilling supplies, enduring the brutal demands of the tar sands,withstanding the 60 degree below zero temperatures in the frozen tundra of Alaska, or simply crossing the country's highways one load at a time, you can count on RoadKing to deliver.



RoadKing Shocks Are Taking Advanced Ride Control Technology To The Limit!

Designed and built to last up to *500,000 miles between rebuild intervals.

Bearing Protection & Shaft Protection

60 Degrees below Zero to 350 Degree performance

Delivers up to 4500 pounds of dampening force per wheel

Including up to a 30 percent increase in TIRE MILAGE!

1 year unlimited mileage factory warrenty Shaft damage voids oil seal warrenty


(*Road and Weather conditions vary dramatically which greatly affects the life of the shock between rebuilds.)