Vibratech Crankshaft Damper Detroit 12.7 liter - 14 liter engines
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Crankshaft Vibration Causes Problems in Diesel Engines:

The Need for Viscous Damper Technology

Torsional vibration occurs naturally on every engine’s combustion cycle.  In each cylinder, the initial force of ignition twists the crankshaft ahead of its natural rotation.  Then, during the exhaust cycle the crankshaft metal rebounds.  This repeated twisting and rebounding motion happening while the crankshaft rotates creates vibration.  All engine parts that contribute to generating torque and the design and material of the crankshaft, affect the magnitude of torsional vibration.

Torsional vibration spikes occurring from normal engine operation cause metal fatigue.  This is especially damaging when torsional vibration amplifies in phase with the crankshaft’s own natural frequency. Torsional vibration robs power, fuel economy and causes engine wear. Continuous flexing of the crankshaft also causes metal fatigue and crank failure, much like bending a nail back and forth until it breaks.

How A Vibratech Crankshaft Damper Works with Detroit Engines.

A Vibratech TVD damper automatically self-tunes to optimum damping of crankshaft torsional vibration in real time.

Silicone, 45,000 times thicker than 30w oil, within the shear gap allows the inertia ring to rotate freely within the housing.

Silicone fluid is an excellent damping medium because of its tensile strength, density and low friction properties. Torsional vibration resonates the inertia ring and momentarily causes it to shear through the silicone.

This shearing action converts the kinetic energy of torsional vibration into heat which radiates through the damper housing.

The result is reduced wear on the main bearings and timing gear, increased efficiency through more accurate valvetrain operation and a lower risk of crank failure.

          Vibratech TVD Viscous Crankshaft Damper Care

Handle and install with care.  No maintenance required.  In heavy-duty diesel engine applications, Vibratech TVD recommends viscous damper replacement every 500,000 miles / 15,000 hours, during inframe or major overhauls, if any housing damage has occurred, or as recommended in the OEM Owner’s Manual, whichever occurs first. 

If not replaced at the appropriate service interval, a worn viscous damper will lead to catastrophic engine failure. 

Replacing the damper does not fix wear, or undue neglect of proper maintenance, to engine components. Unless otherwise specified, Vibratech TVD DOES NOT recommend or endorse re-using viscous dampers.  Vibratech TVD viscous dampers are computer balanced and hermetically sealed at the time of manufacturing.  Any tampering to the housing to recondition the damper may reduce its effectiveness and cause engine damage.  Vibratech TVD viscous dampers are steel constructed and may be properly disposed of at a recycling center.

Vibratech TVD - Inventor of the Viscous Crankshaft Damper

Vibratech TVD (formerly Houdaille) invented and patented the viscous torsional vibration damper in 1946.  This style of crankshaft damper has since become an industry standard.  Vibratech TVD continues to supply original equipment manufacturers from its ISO 9001:2008 certified precision machining headquarters in the United States.  Vibratech TVD  dampers can be found world-wide protecting diesel and compression engines in the military, transportation, construction, agriculture and mining industries.


Redneck Diesel Performance stocks the complet line of Vibratech Crankshaft Dampers for Detroit enignes. Some of the viscous crankshaft dampers we keeep in stock are for the Detroit 12.7 Liter engines or 14 Liter engines.


Stop by our Hutchins, TX. shop the next time your in the Dallas metroplex area to find out how a Vibratech Crankshaft Damper can extend the life and performance of your Detroit engine!



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