Max Mileage Fuel Born Catalyst is a liquid fuel additive that directly improves your engine's combustion and efficiency. Enjoy more power, smoother and quieter engine operation, less DEF consumption, higher MPGs, and fewer regens. It works by accelerating the burn of diesel so more BTUs of heat are released earlier during the power stroke instead of being wasted as soot and high exhaust gas temperature. With Max Mileage, soot emissions and drastically decreased by 60%. You will notice an increase in DEF mileage because with less soot, less DEF is needed. Max Mileage will clean your DPF while you drive by burning off soot at a much lower temperature. Another important benefit is longer engine life. Soot is extremely abrasive and excess soot causes increased wear to your rings, liners, camshafts, bearings, and other moving parts. When you consider the increased DEF mileage, fuel mileage, and less money spend on engine or emission system repairs, it more than pays for itself. Finally, you can enjoy driving a new emissions.



  • Decrease soot emissions by 60%
  • Decreased DEF usage
  • Fewer DPF regens
  • Maximize fuel economy (our testing shows 3% to 10% increase).
  • Extends engine life
  • Prevents fuel injector deposits
  • Lower EGT (exhaust gas temperatures)
  • Smoother, quieter running engine


  • Lab tested / Field proven
  • EPA registered / Made in the USA
  • Can be used on any diesel engine including diesel equipped pickup trucks and passenger cars.
  • One gallon treats 3,200 gallons of diesel
  • Use one ounce for every 25 gallons of fuel


* No returns or refunds for this product

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