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The Eco-Pur™ represents an evolutionary step forward in on-board fluid cleaning technology based on proven concepts utilized in the OPS-1 system. It provides a comprehensive solution utilizing state of the art materials and controls that make it more efficient and more flexible than its predecessor. This patent pending product and technology is just the first step in an evolving product line focused on providing significant value and savings to our customers.

  • Dramatically lower oil maintenance costs 
  • Increase your return on assets 
  • Earn payback in as little as 10 months 
  • Extend your engine life 
  • Reduce vehicle/engine downtime and improve productivity
  • Eliminate the need for periodic oil drains with condition based maintenance
  • Extend oil drain PM by as much as 5 times
  • Minimize waste oil for a cleaner environment

The OPS Eco-Pur™ has undergone rigorous design standards and extensive laboratory and field testing to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance. In development and testing for over 12 months the Eco-Pur™ already has millions of miles and thousands of hours of proven performance. This coupled with extensive third party environmental testing is representative of the OPS commitment to always deliver an exceptional customer experience.

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